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Top 10 trading platforms for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading platform does not differ in its purpose from the usual trader’s exchange.

Cryptocurrency is an online exchange medium that uses cryptographic functions to carry out financial transactions just like any physical currency like Dollar, Euro or Pound Sterling. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to achieve decentralization, transparency, and immutability.

ZCL coin plans to restart its core network after last year’s crash.
A new technology has been announced that will protect it from blockchain attacks and rewrite history.
ZClassic appeared in 2016 as ZCash (ZEC), its values were privacy and freedom from “founder’s tax”.

Bitcoin history The fact is, Bitcoin is a lot of different technologies gathered in one place. In his famous work Satoshi Nakamoto suggested nothing new: in the Bitcoin he combined what has already existed before him in one form or another. Blockchain technology  It is a technology of maintaining a distributed ledger (database), which allows […]

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Crypto assets are the most volatile financial assets of our time. As a rule, they are highly unpredictable and not only guessing USD rates of cryptocurrencies, but even the forecast of the limits of their changes is a challenge for cryptoanalysts. BONUM specialists successfully solve such problems. Our analysts have developed and keep improving many […]

Our team decided to investigate how actively exchanges’re using fiat in the pair to crypto. Only 300 out of more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies are traded for fiat USD on exchanges. At the same time, only 60 cryptocurrencies out of 300 are traded on more than 1 exchange for USD. Less than 100 cryptocurrencies out of […]

BONUM makes the year prediction for the third time! With 2017 and 2018 behind us we planned bitcoin behavior during 2019. Firstly, let us remind you the graphs of the previous years. They’re not perfect, but still illustrative enough. A quick reminder how to use BONUM predictions. The red and green lines on the chart are […]

Coinmarketcap keeps records of more than 2100 cryptocurrencies. How many times can we detect BIT, BTB or PUT symbol? We do not know whether the reason is in poor imagination or failure to check the market, but here is a list of coins with identical symbols. One symbol — three coins: ? BIT — BitRewards, BitMoney, First Bitcoin ? BTB — Bitibu […]

Today we decided to figure out Top-5 crypto most concentrated exchange. The data of the research is taken February 1–7. According to the graph, a larger volume of Bitcoin stands for Bitmex, Coinbene and Cryptonex. The biggest amount of XRP can be found at Zb-com, Binance and Zoy. The highest volume of ETH is on […]