You could take out an unlimited number of loans at the same time!

Loans in cryptocurrency on favorable terms

No obstacles. Coverage all over the world. Variety of available currencies.

Urgently need Ethereum, but you don't want to sell your existing assets in Bitcoin? You can quickly get the currency you need without selling your actives! We issue loans and accept collateral in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Three simple steps to getting a loan

Step 1: Signing up on the site.

Register and create a loan application.

Step 2: Make a collateral

Bail out the existing cryptocurrency.

Step 3: Get your loan

And use it for your own purposes!

Are you looking for a quick and safe place to get a loan in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies? There are not many cryptocurrency credit services in the world. Many of them require time consuming verification, require many conditions and do not always meet security requirements. BONUM is a modern high-tech platform that provides loans secured by any available cryptocurrency, including tokens. For our partners it is a simple registration and verification procedure in the system. Simplified credit scheme and low interest rate! Loans are available to our clients from 100 to 1000 U.S. dollars with an interest rate of 0.04% per day. We are aiming to make Bonum the reference in our industry. Borrowers who take out the loan can trade it on various crypto exchanges against any other cryptocurrencies. You can visit this link to spot out the best apps for trading cryptocurrencies in the crypto market in an efficient way.

Platform benefits

A wide range of currencies

For our clients it is possible to get a loan in various cryptocurrencies and tokens. We are constantly working on increasing the range of available currencies. Low interest rates.

Low interest rates

We have one of the lowest interest rates! Only 0.04% per day.

Quick withdrawals

We do not fully identify the customer, nor do we use scoring systems. Securing the loan with a deposit allows us to issue loans with 100% approval guarantee in the shortest possible time.

We are not a P2P platform

We use our own funds to provide loans. You don’t need to spend your time waiting for a response, the process of issuing loans is automated and doesn’t require additional actions.

How the platform works

Thanks to our platform you can get the necessary funds here and now.

  • After registration you create a loan application;
  • Pledge your BONUM wallet;
  • Get a loan in the currency you need;
  • You repay the loan, the platform returns your collateral.