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Top 10 trading platforms for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading platform does not differ in its purpose from the usual trader’s exchange. The only exception is the subject of trading (not precious metals or shares), it is only currencies. And currencies are virtual. In addition, many sites offer asset storage services (which we do not advise you to do, due to security problems.) In this article, we would like to introduce you to a brief overview of the 2019 cryptobirch rating.

Top 10 currently looks like this:

1 Binance 
2 Huobi 
3 OKEx 
4 Hitbtc 
5 Bitfinex 
6 Bittrex 
7 Exmo 
8 Yobit 
9 Livecoin 
10 Poloniex 

What criteria do we use to evaluate the sites?

  • Site Reputation
  • Service Commission
  • Number of merchant pairs
  • Trade turnover
  • Payment options
  • Safety requirements
  • Convenience