You could take out an unlimited number of loans at the same time!

Step 1: Choose the loan parameters.

From the “Take a loan with collateral” page using the loan calculator:

  • Select the collateral currency and the loan currency;
  • Set the period of the loan;
  • Select the ratio of the collateral to the loan amount that suits you;
  • Confirm that you have read the General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy;
  • Once you have determined the terms and conditions that apply to you, click the "Get a loan" button.
Pay attention! The characteristics of the loan are given taking into account the current settlement rate cryptocurrency to USD. All loan characteristics will be recalculated and recorded at the actual rates of loan/USD and collateral at the time of loan issuance.

Step 2: Transfer of collateral.

The window that opens displays the loan application in the status “Waiting for collateral”. If you choose wrong loan parameters, you can delete this application by clicking on the “Trash” icon and create a new application with correct parameters.
  • In order to make a deposit, click on the "Leave a deposit" button.

Pay attention!

If the collateral falls below the critical level, the collateral will be automatically sold and the proceeds will be used to repay the loan. The balance of the deposit (if any) will be returned to you at the address specified for the return of the deposit. This solution will allow you not to worry about closing the loan in case of a fall in the rate of your crypto-asset!

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When you activate the “Deposit deposit” button, a pop-up window opens, in which you need to:
  • copy the address to which you need to send the deposit (for each loan application, an individual secure wallet is generated);
  • transfer the required amount of the deposit to the specified address;
Pay attention! Transfer of the specified amount of the deposit is necessary to make one transaction. specify the address to which the respective ;
  • loan amount will be directed
Pay attention! To get a loan in Bitcoins, you need to use a Legacy wallet.
  • click "OK"

Step 3: Getting a loan.

After receiving the deposit, the platform will send the loan to the specified address (the status of the request will change to “Loan transfer”):

Check the receipt of the loan on your wallet. After confirming the transfer of the loan to the specified purse, the status of the request will change to “Active”.